Sonia Kennebeck

Sonia Kennebeck

Director / Producer
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Sonia Kennebeck has been an independent documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist for over ten years. Her films primarily deal with international politics and human rights issues, and have received awards and critical acclaim.

Her most recent documentary Sex - Made in Germany about the German prostitution industry received excellent reviews and was in the Official Selection of the Montreal World Film Festival 2013.

Sonia started her career as a broadcast producer in Washington, DC and worked five years as an investigative reporter for Germany's highest-rated and longest-running current affairs program Panorama. She has a Master’s degree in International Affairs from the American University in Washington, DC.



2013: Sex - Made in Germany (45 min.)
ARD, Co-Director/Writer/Producer
New York Festivals Silver Medal 2014
Official Selection Montreal World Film Festival 2013
2011: Fukushima: The Nuclear Catastrophe (30 min.)
ARD, Co-Director/Writer/Producer
2010: Working for 3 Euros an Hour: Undercover Report about Low-Paying Jobs (30 min.)
NDR, On-Air-Reporter/Writer/Producer
2009: 121 Days of Fear: The Hansa Stavanger Crew Captured by Pirates (30 min.)
ARD, Co-Director/Writer/Producer
Hansa Stavanger: Exclusive Interview with the Captain (30 min.)
ARD, Co-Director/Writer/Producer
2008: The Men of the Gorch Fock (60 min.)
NDR, Director/Writer/Producer
When Computer Gaming Becomes an Addiction (45 min.)
ARD, Co-Director/Writer/Producer
2007: Endless Errors? Nuclear Reactor Trouble in Northern Germany (30 min.)
NDR, Co-Director/Writer/Producer
2006: September 11 – Five Years Later by Jules and Gédéon Naudet (30 min.)
ARD, Writer of the German Adaptation
2004: The Bushs – An American Dynasty (90 min.)
ARD, Lead Producer
RIAS Award 2005

Investigative Formats

2006 – 2012: Directed and produced more than 50 investigative reports for the prestigious investigative current affairs program Panorama (6-12 min., ARD German TV, 3.5 million viewers on average),
for example covering NPD and neo-Nazis, Islamic terrorism in Germany, war veterans and PTSD, sexual abuse crimes in the Catholic Church, Bradley Manning and Wikileaks, human rights abuses in Hungary, sex trafficking in Romania

News Formats

2005 – 2012: Written, produced and narrated numerous news reports and packages,
appeared as a live reporter on German TV